Project Proposal [Final Year Project]

Virtual Computing and Informatics Building Open Day for Prospective Students

It has come to my attention that many universities are trying to come up with new ways to advertise their facilities and to demonstrate the courses that they have on offer. NTU open days are a brilliant way of getting a feel for university life and for course information. However due to various constraints prospective students are often unable to attend i.e. availability, small number of open days, expense (particularly for international students).

I plan to use the half-life 2 source engine 2009 to develop a virtual open day based in and around the Computing and Informatics building (CIB) for prospective students, providing them with a realistic simulation of one of the most important buildings throughout their time at university. The end product will allow students to roam in and around the university building providing them with all the information they require for their desired course.


  • Accurate representation of the CIB building to ensure that level design consistency is maintained throughout the map. Width and length measurements of the building will be obtained from satellites; smaller objects will be measured manually.
  • Realistic textures will be designed using Adobe Photoshop, high resolution photographs will be taken inside and outside of the CIB building providing extensive research talking points and references for custom models/textures.
  • Models will be designed and textured using 3DS studio max application and then imported into the source engine with collision models to allow for a streamlined experience.
  • Professional level design and modelling techniques will be used to optimise usability and allow all individuals to be able to explore the area without performance issues.
  • Further scope ideas time permitting may include multiplayer map elements to allow players to explore the building simultaneously for a richer more interactive experience.
  • Previous students work can be displayed to demonstrate the learning outcomes of the different modules.