Call of Duty: MW3 Video Game Guide

A requirement for the ‘Multimedia Portfolio’ optional module during my final year at university was to create a new piece of work or begin a new project and then present it on a purpose built portfolio alongside two other pieces of work.

The multimedia portfolio that I developed can be located here.

To represent my new piece of work, I decided to make a WordPress based blog  containing video guides and game play walkthroughs for ‘Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3’ (CoD:MW3), which was conveniently released when the project requirements were listed.

  • Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3, released 8th November 2011.
  • Fraps video recording software purchased to capture high resolution, uncompressed, lossless game footage.
  • CoD:MW3 ‘campaign mode’ mode was played through on Veteran difficulty to suit a larger target audience.
  • Game played on the highest most difficult setting to enable viewers the worst case scenario solution.
  • Additional ‘special ops mode’ and ‘hidden Intel location’ videos where recorded to help players with all game elements.
  • Over 600GB of raw video footage was recorded.
  • Adobe After Effects CS5.5 was used throughout the editing process; unrequired game footage was stripped from the videos, personal watermarks with university student numbers were implemented to protect video integrity.
  • Videos encoded and rendered to 720p resolution with QuickTime .MOV codec and .x264 compression to reduce file size, but maintain visual quality.
  • YouTube account setup with university login user id (see links).
  • Videos uploaded to YouTube, playlists created, annotated and public ‘visibility’ applied.
  • WordPress website created, videos embedded into blog post format and tagged/categorised accordingly.
Adobe After Effects Project

Adobe After Effects Project

The videos have unintentionally proven to be incredibly popular with the YouTube community, gaining over 20,000 views in just under 2 months from the original upload date.

Viewers have openly shared comments on the videos, which has made the effort which was put into this large project worthwhile.

Modern Warfare 3 WordPress Website
N0226460 Youtube Channel
Youtube Playlist 1
Youtube Playlist 2
Youtube Playlist 3
Multimedia Portfolio [Now archived/out of date]

UPDATE – January 2013
54 YouTube subscribers
95,000 video views.