Antec 300 Case 3DS Max Model

One of the second year university modules required me to reproduce a real object with varying levels of detail, to demonstrate the ability to create detailed models but to consider game play optimisation. I decided to model my desktop computer case, an Antec 300. The model was created using Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 and the texture map was produced using samples from high resolution photographs and reproduced using Adobe Photoshop.

A total of 90 photographs where taken along different angles and orientations to act as a reference for the task.

Antec 300 Sample Photos

Antec 300 Sample Photos

The geometry of my Antec 300, was defined by real life actual measurements via the use of a scientific ruler and tape measure. Chamfer, extrude, smoothing, inset, and unwrap uvw techniques were used in order to achieve the required result.

The requirements were:
LOD 2 – a model with less than 100 triangles
LOD 1 – a model with less than 350 triangles
LOD 0 – a model with all necessary and appropriate detail, remembering that it must remain suitable for use in a game.

We were then required to export the model into the relevant formats suitable for a game engine. All 3 models were imported using unreal development kit (UDK) into a basic game level environment. For the purposes of the website, I produced the Antec 300 Flash Showreel.