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Final Year Project – Progress Videos

Progress videos were recorded continually as the project advanced and uploaded to YouTube, this enabled the project supervisor to track progress and for feedback to be obtained from all audiences.

I have highlighted the noticeable changes between the videos.

The full playlist can be viewed here.

1/7 – 8 Feb 2012

  • General building shape constructed with exterior door/window openings.
  • Window/ Entrance door frame constructed in 3DS Max and inserted into Source SDK.
  • Temporary textures used.
  • Temporary lights to illuminate environment.
  • Interior layout constructed through use of the architect floor plans.
  • Pillars positioned.
  • Door interaction testing.

2/7 – 21 February 2012

  • Desks in open area sized up correctly and positioned accordingly.
  • Glass added to containing doors.
  • Texture creation (skirting, roof tile, wood, dividers, brushed metal).
  • Texture scale adjustment.
  • Exterior Textures.
  • Reception desk constructed from SDK brushes and textured accordingly.
  • Lift and general structure implemented.
  • Key models converted from Counter Strike Source game to Half Life 2 directories.
  • Sign fonts determined.
  • Light experimentation.

3/7 – 28 February 2012

  • Stairs construction commenced.
  • Overlay testing.
  • Map optimisation.
  • Exterior enhancements.
  • Computer models created and placed in computer rooms.
  • Signs implemented for ease of player navigation.
  • Lighting changes.
  • More 3DS models created.

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